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5 Wonderful ways to keep Fruits and Vegetables fresh for long time

Change in weather is in full swing by welcoming different varieties of vegetables and fruits, but to keep these vegetables and fruits is a big challenge.

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Health benefits of drinking warm water in winters

Mostly we start our morning with a hot fresh cup of tea or coffee to stay warm to our body after getting out of the bed. Whenever we drink water, we generally prefer cold water but as per Ayurvedic Medicine, we do it wrong.

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Home Remedies to control menstrual pain

Periods can be the most emotionally and physically exhausting time of the month. With the pain, cramping and discomfort, all you want to do is to lie down, relaxed and let pain to just vanish.

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Amazing home remedies to get rid of Rats

Rats are obnoxious creature which can intrude into your house without any welcome and can turn everything into rubbish. For a survival, rats need shelter, water and some food.

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