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Reasons to select a Mobile Auto Mechanic

A mechanic is rightly regarded as the doctor of the vehicle. Similar to a human body, a vehicle requires regular checking, servicing and repairing even during emergency. For all these services, a mobile mechanic can be the best solution.

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Do Short Block and Long Block differ in engine performance?

The short block involves the cylinder block and the crankcase joined with a connecting rod and precision heavy duty welding. The long block is an advanced level than short block in engine repair and impacts engine performance nicely.

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Top notch car racing champion from Venezuela

Car racing is an entertaining but risky sport that requires full focus and concentration. The racer must get rigorous training and practice in racing before participating in car racing. It involves lot of risk stress too.

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Carlos Kauffmann: Passionate car racer in Venezuela

Car racing is the most sought after sports in Venezuela that draws the attention of many spectators. It is risky and requires full focus and concentration while racing. Carlos Kauffmann is a successful racer in Venezuela and has achieved many awards.

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Passionate car racer of Venezuela

He runs successfully his own business. He believes in hard work, dedication and determination and considers them as three pillars for success. He motivates others for doing hard work. His thinking is reflected in his work and is dedicated to give outstanding performance in each game.

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Steps for safety while car racing

While preparing for a car race, the racer should follow some steps to ensure safety while driving. Following these 7 steps can help the racer to be safe and fully prepared for the race. Racing is the most sought after sports also most dangerous.

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