5 Best foods that help to increase blood platelets

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5 Best foods that help to increase blood platelets

Blood and blood platelets are one of the most crucial element in the body. A man feels very weak and frail. Below are the best 7 foods that help to increase blood platelets.


The protector

Platelets are one of the tiniest cells in blood which offer protection to the human body against excessive loss of blood loss, like during an injury, by making some clots. If blood platelets count fall below the normal count i.e 150,000 to 45,000 per microliter, then condition is called thrombocytopenia. This can be inherited due to number od conditions like viruses, alcohol intake and dengue. You can maintain platelet level by consuming food which is rich in iron.



If you are wondering that how to increase blood platelets then pomegranate is good for this. Pomegranate is known for its medicinal and healthy properties from the ancient tomes and is loaded with nutrients like Vitamin C , this helps to boost immune system with anti-oxidants and minerals. It is rich in red colour and is a proof of iron content in this. You may eat raw or may drink its juice.


Milk is an excellent source of potassium, phosphorous and calcium; it is one of the best ways to increase blood platelets. Calcium not builds strong teeth, bones and prevents osteoporosis but this also helps to regenerate number of blood platelets in body. Protein, Vitamin K and Calcium is called fibrinogen, all these work together which help to increase platelet count. You can also have yogurt, cheese and other organic products to maintain level of calcium.

Folate-rich food

Deficiency of folate in body leads reduction in blood platelets. You can prevent this by having diet which is rich in folate. Vitamin B9 is essential for rapid growth and cell division, repair and synthesis of DNS and proper functioning of brain. On an average, a healthy adult should consume around 400mg of folate daily. Food rich in folate are fortified cereals, spinach, orange juice and asparagus.


Lean proteins

Proteins form a building block for tissues in body. Lean protein food is excellent source of vitamin B12 and zinc, it is essential for reversing effect of thrombocytopenia. People with less platelets should switch to that diet, which has sufficient amount of lean proteins like fish, chicken and turkey.

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