Best Home Remedies to cure Hemorrhoids

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Best Home Remedies to cure Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are also called piles, these are the swollen veins in rectum and anus. Very common symptoms of hermorrhoids include rectal bleeding, itching and pain. This can be developed outside and inside of rectum and anus, which is called external and internal hermorrdoids.

Hemorrhoids are very common problems. Around 75% of Americans experience at that same point. While this go away in few weeks, they can cause the mild to severe the discomfort. To make much more tolerable, you can use some of the home remedies to treat hemorrhoids.

Witch hazel : Witch hazel help to reduce both pain and itching, the 2 main symptoms of hemorrhoids. It is a natural product which is anti-inflammatory, so this help to reduce swelling. Hazel can be purchased in form of liquid and can be applied directly to hemorrhoids. This can be easily found in products like soaps and anti-itch wipes.

Aloe vera : Aloe vera gel be easily found in form of purchased products at drugstrores. This can be harvested directly from inside of aloe vera’s plant leaves. According to Cleveland Clinic, aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory properties which are very well known as a very effective treatment to treat inflammatory skin conditions. You should use only pure aloe gel on hermorrhoids. Some of the people are very allergic to aloe vera, particularly for those people who are allergic to onion or garlic.

Bath with Epsom salt :  Warm baths with Epsom salt helps to soothe irritation from hemorrhoids. You can use sitz bath, this is a small plastic tub which fits over toilet seat, or you can take full bath in you tub. As per Harvard Health, having warm bath for 20 minute after each bowel movement with be effective. Addition of Epsom salt to bath help to provide some of the relief from pain.

Ointments : Over-the-counter creams and ointments, like Preparation H, can be easily found in every drug store and helps to offer immediate relief. Some even help to reduce swelling and help hemorrhoid to heal very fast.

Wipes : Using a toilet paper after bowel movement can aggravate existence of hemorrhoids. Wipes help to keep you clean with causing any more irritation. For additional boost, you can find wipes with anti-hemorrhoid ingredients like aloe vera or witch hazel.

Cold compresses : Apply cold compresses or ice packs to anus which help to relieve swelling for 15 minutes at a time. Cold compresses help to give relief to hemorrhoid. Always wrap up ice inside paper towel or cloth, never apply frozen directly to skin.



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