10 Simple tips to reduce lower belly fat

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10 Simple tips to reduce lower belly fat

Tummy fat is not annoying, but it is one of the difficult form of fat from which everybody wants to get rid of it. This fat forms between triggering chronic inflammation, deep within abdominal cavity,   organs, this increases risk of diabetes and the heart diseases. Lower belly fat is caused due to sugary foods, intake of high fat and sedentary lifestyle. Age, Structure and Genetics determine  pattern of accumulation of fat in body.


Here are some 10 tips which help to reduce lower belly fat:


  1. Reduce Intake of Calories : To get rid of lower belly fat, keep calories in healthy range and avoid highly saturated food. Avoid having junk food and increase intake of high fiber food in your diet to keep metabolism level high.

  2. Stress : Stress causes increase in cortisol, it is that hormone which encourages the body to store fat in lower abdomen. It becomes worse when combined with bad diet. To keep cortisol level stable, always choose low glycemic foods like beans,chickpeas and lentils.

  3. Green Tea : Green tea is excellent method to reduce lower belly. This contains a compound named catechin, this helps to boost up metabolism. According to recent  studies it is concluded that people who take 2 cups of green tea on daily basis, lost almost 16 times more.

  4. Interval training : Interval training is very effective and best way to reduce lower belly fat. Interval training between low and high intensity Cardio, this helps to burn much more calories.

  5. Diet : Best way to reduce belly fat is by following balanced diet. This diet includes whole grains, vegetables and low calorie fruits. You also should reduce intake of sodium which helps to minimize water retention. Just limit intake of high fat foods and sugar. Avoid intake of excess sugar as it causes lower belly fat. Excess sugar raises insulin level in body, which causes energy to get stored in fat cells.

  6. Water : Increase intake of water, drink plenty of water throughout the whole day which helps to speed up metabolism and helps to flush out toxins from body. Water keeps full for longer period of time. It is good to drink glass of water before the meals which helps to curb appetite. Water keeps you invigorated and reduces craving for sugary beverages.

  7. Sleep : Getting 8 hour sleep is best thing which can help you to reduce lower belly fat. Not getting sufficient/proper sleep releases hormone which is called ghrelin, this triggers craving for sugar and some other fat building products. Cortisol levels gets increase due to lack of sleep, which leads to accumulation of belly fat. A sound sleep helps to get relief from stress and refreshes both body and mind.

  8. No Alcohol : Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol carries empty fat and calories, which get collected around the waist, that results in bulging tummy. So, think twice before you take drink if you looking to reduce weight.

  9. Exercise : According to a study it is found that people who do cardio daily can reduce lower belly fat by 20%. Cardiovascular speeds up metabolism and burn calories which helps to reduce weight. This includes swimming, hiking, walking and jogging.

  10. Take every meal : Best way to speed up metabolism is by having regular meals. Eat 6 small meals, instead of taking 3 large meals. Rather than rushing meals eat very slowly and enjoy every bite.

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