Best home remedies to get rid of stinky feet during summers

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Best home remedies to get rid of stinky feet during summers


To stop bacterial growth and to prevent odor from foot, wash your feet using deodorant soap or antibacterial and warm water coming from hard work and before going to bed to sleep. Thoroughly dry your feet before wearing socks. If it is possible to open shoes and cotton  or to allow feet to breathe. Avoid wearing leather shoes, leather trap moisture and make feet smelly. To keep smell away from shoes, put cedar chips into shoes when you put off.


Ensure Good Hygiene :To get rid from foot odor is simple as following daily foot hygiene routine. This includes washing feet using antibacterial soap. It is important to wash feet daily and fry them properly, especially between toes. When you will dry feet using towel after bath, dab between toes using cotton wool dipped in apple cider vinegar. Sweaty feet can be treated using antibacterial foot scrub, avoid using scrub if you broken skin.

Keep toenails clean and trimmed, which helps prevent toenail fungus. Remove hard skin using foot file. When skin become soggy from dampness, which provides idea home for bacteria.


Use Foot Scrub : Once you clean your feet and dry them, apply baking soda, arrowroot powder because these absorb extra moisture. Antifungal powders are too good and this can be made at home with few ingredients.

Soak Your Feet : You can try number of home remedies like salt baths, apple cider vinegar and tea soaks. With help of proper hygiene and rotation of shoes, these remedies help to eliminate foot odor.

For temporary relief, take apple cider vinegar bath using two parts of water and one part of vinegar which help to reduce level of bacteria that cause odor. Apple cider vinegar’s antifungal effect combat foot odor.

In an addition, tea soaks are best home remedies. Simply use 5-4 tea bags to quarter of water. You can use mint tea bags also instead of regular tea bags. Make tea as you normally make. Cool it and then soak feet for 20 minutes everyday.

Rotate Your Shoes : Not wearing same footwear daily help to avoid shoe odor in an addition to stinky feet. Rotate 2-3 pairs of shoes so you can dry before wearing them again. This helps to prevent pitted keratolysis it is a skin disorder characterized by crateriform which affects pressure bearing aspects of plantar surface of feet.

It is important to consider well fitting shoes which are being made up of leather, this allows your feet to breathe and do not soak as much feet get seat by wearing cloth shoes.

Wear Socks and Change Frequently : Wearing socks is an essential, especially which absorb moisture like wool/cotton mixture, cotton or wool. Wool or Cotton socks are much much better than nylon. Sports socks have ventilating holes to keep feet dry.



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