Home Remedies to cure swollen feet

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Home Remedies to cure swollen feet


Swollen ankles and feet is called edema, there are lots of things which cause problems from pregnancy to blood pressure. What happens to your body if it's fighting with gravity to move fluids and blood in your legs, feel and ankles began to swell.


Edema is not harmful on its own, as it is very uncomfortable. If you looking at your swollen legs or feet, you do want to call doctor, because cause may be a blood clot, and you don’t want to wait to address problem.


There are some home remedies which help to cure swollen feet.

  • Try magnesium supplement : Deficiency of magnesium contribute to edema, intake of supplements help to give relief. 200mg magnesium should be taken twice a day, but is someone is pregnant then you should talk doctor first.

  • Yoga : Exercise helps to improve blood circulation, and yoga is great way to get focus on circulation system. Yoga instructor not only help to overcome hesitation about yoga, but you should sure that your poses should be proper. Once you have swing that how poses feel, you can practice yoga poses at home.

  • Soak in Tonic Water : It might sound odd, but soaking in the room temperature, it it is not uncomfortable, tonic water can help with swollen feet. Bubbles help to reduce inflammation.

  • Grabbing some Grapefruit Oil : A warm bath helps to remove swelling, you can also give that water a boost with few drops of grapefruit oil. You can fill a bucket with warm water. You can mix few drops of grapefruit oil with olive oil or almond oil, give little massage on legs and foot. Now rub your feet, calves and ankles to focus pressure upward, rather than doing downwards.

  • Salt Water Soak : Adding healthy dose of salt to tub is an another way to boost bath. Like grapefruit oil, you can use bucket, if you having swelling ankles and feet. If calves are swollen, a bath is best option.Epsom salt is like a magic to cure swelling.

  • Treat yourself to massage : A massage therapist wonders for ankles and feet. Not be shy about mentioning problem when you get your appointment. A massage therapist will be having more knowledge about to make you comfort.


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