Amazing home remedies to get rid of Rats

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Amazing home remedies to get rid of Rats


Rats are obnoxious creature which can intrude into your house without any welcome and can turn everything into rubbish. For a survival, rats need shelter, water and some food. So if your house provides all these things, this would be a very tough task to get rid of these type of rodents.


Most commonly found this species are Roof and Norways rat, these get easily attracted to vines, food dropping, compost bins, pet food, garbage. In an addition, these carry more than 20 diseases and could be very dangerous. So you keep your dwelling clean, and these furry interlopers find best way to get entered. These target on some of their favorite places like shed, shrubs, grounds near trees, kitchen cabinet, pipelines, basement, snacks and attics.


Some Useful Home Remedies are helpful to get rid of Rats

1. Moth Balls
These balls tend to repel rats. Moth balls are readily available in market and very easy to use. Just place few in your attic to keep away these rats.

2. Ammonia
Take 2 spoons of detergent and mix well with 2 cups of ammonia and 1 quarter of water. Place this mixture where rats appear very frequently.  So since the rats cannot stand  smell of ammonia, this remedy will do best job.

3. Peppermint Oil
This oil is used to prevent rats where they cannot smell its pungent smell. So you have to do a very simple step, just dip some cotton balls in peppermint oil and place these oil in rat prone area. This will surely provide you satisfactory results.

4. Owl’s Feather
Feather of owl scare rates and force them to get run away. Try to place some owl’s feathers inside holes of these intruders.

5. Pepper
Pungent smell of pepper makes hard for rats to breathe and threat in survival. Just sprinkle some crushed pepper around corners and holes where they reside. Repeat this process.

6. Bay Leaf
Rats this of the bay leaf as their yummy food and tend to eat these. But, this actually kill them. Put some of the bay leaves in rat prone area. Keep this process repeating until they all go away.

7. Onions
Onions are very effective and natural way to get rid of rats. Smell of onions is very odious to nasty rodents. Simply slice an onion and keep inside the holes.

8. Make Your Own Trap
Trapping is best way to get rid of rats. You can try to make a human trap and to put bait in to attract rat. Cheese and Peanut butter are rat’s favorite. As rats try to eat this, it will be caught in trap.

9. Dried Snake Litter/ Cat Litter
Purchase some dried snake litter from pet store and keep near places where rats visit most often. Rats will never come again there because of fear on snake.

10. Human Hair
This may sound very weird, but the rats cannot bear sight of human hair. It can be a very effective way to repel the rats. Clip few strands and throw inside holes of rat. As rats will eat hair, they will die.


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