Amazing home remedies to warm up feet in winters

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Amazing home remedies to warm up feet in winters

Cold feet is a common problem with poor blood circulation in people in winters. Our feet physiologically get cold when an inadequate blood supply and oxygen reach our legs due to the poor blood circulation. When circulation improves , then problem goes away.


So, persistent cold can be a symptom of other health problems like hypothyroidism, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, nerve damage, neuropathy, restless legs syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia and other health problems.Deficiencies in Nutritional, excessive smoking and alcohol abuse are contributing factors in the cold feet.


If cold feet accompanied by the additional symptoms like tightened or the hardened skin, open blisters, tingling sensation, skin color to seek medical attention immediately. As reasons for cold feet differ from the person to person, consult good doctor for proper diagnosis if facing problem frequently. In that meantime, just try some simple and effective home remedies for the relief.


Here are some home remedies which help to warm up feet in winters:


  1. Warm Oil Massage: A Regular feet massage help to keep your feet free from many foot problems and healthy.

  1. Warm sesame oil, coconut and some olive oil in microwave for few seconds.

  2. Apply this warmed oil on your cold feet.

  3. Use gently but a firm pressure with fingers to massage from the toe to the ankle for 10 minutes.

  4. Repeat this same process with other foot.

  5. After massage, put on the cotton socks.

  6. Repeat this process on daily basis before going to bed.


2. Hydrotherapy

It is one of the very simplest and easy option which you can try at home to restore the warmth to your feet. Hydrotherapy utilizes both warm  and cold water soaks. Warm water soak helps to improve circulation, while cold water soak helps to reduce symptoms.


  1. Fill 2 foot basins – one with warm water and the other with cold water.

  2. Sit in comfortable position, and soak your feet for 2 minutes in cold water.

  3. Now, switch to warm water basin for 1 minute.

  4. Continue the alternating between two basins for 15 - 20 minutes.

  5. Now pat dry immediately your feet  and put on warm socks.

  6. Repeat this process for few times daily until you get relief.


3. Foot Exercises

Your feet need essential exercise to keep blood flow continuously and to keep your feet warm. Feet exercises help to strengthen the blood vessels. For example, you can walk on your toes alternately and can heal for 10-15 minutes. Here are few exercises which are given below:

Exercise # 1: Stand straight on tips of your toes for 1 minute, now slowly come down on your heels. Now repeat this procedure for the 10 minutes.

Exercise # 2: While seated, rotate your each foot clockwise and then counter the clockwise at ankle joint for 10-20 times.

Exercise # 3: Use toes to pick a piece of cloth or other object from floor. Repeat this several times. Perform any exercise from these above to restore warmth when you feel that your feet getting cold.

4. Epsom Salt

An another very simple way to make your feet warm is usage of Epsom salt soak. The heat of warm water will be having warm effect, while magnesium sulfate present in salt will give magnesium to body.

Deficiency of Magnesium is the one of the cause of cold feet and hands.

  1. Mix a ½ cup of Epsom salt  in small tub filled with the warm water.

  2. Stir properly till the time salt get dissolved.

  3. Soak your feet for 15 to 20 minutes.

  4. Repeat this process for twice a week.

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