Amazing home Remedies to Improve Eyesight

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Amazing home Remedies to Improve Eyesight


Our weak eyesight is often associated with nearsightedness or with farsightedness. Some factors like excessive strain, aging, poor nutrition, genetics on eyes are the contributors to all these conditions.


Most common symptom of weak eyesight are watery eyes, frequent headaches, blurry vision.


But just to make sure that consult your doctor for proper treatment. At that time, eyes problem can be easily caused by the serious issues like optic neuropathy, cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma.


Our weak eyesight is corrected with lenses, prescription glasses or even surgery. You can try many natural home remedies which is helpful to improve eyesight.

Below are some top 10 remedies that are good for weak eyesight.

1. Eye Exercises

Eye exercise make our eye muscles flexible, which gives energy and good blood flow to eyes to maintain optimal vision. Regular eye exercise combat strain on eyes and improves focus as well as the concentration.

Below is a simple eye exercise which can be done easily any time:

Hold a pencil at your arm length and focus on pencil.Just slowly Bring it closer to your nose.Move pencil farther from your vision until the time you longer keep this on focus.Repeat this process 10 times a day.

Roll eyes in clockwise direction for some seconds and again roll them in counter clockwise for some seconds. Repeat this process for 4-5 times and remember to blink eyes in between each set.

Try your eyelid to blink for 20-30 times rapidly without squeezing eyes shut. Then finally, close your eyes and let them to take rest. You can even also try palming. Follow this process twice a day.

2. Palming and Sunning

Palming and Sunning both are beneficial for our eyes as these two methods help to ciliary muscles and flex eye lens.

Sunning provides benefits of sun’s healing abilities and palming help to promote relaxation and make a sense of the well being. As per Chinese culture, sun carries vital life energies which are very critical to health of eyes as well as to our overall body.

  • For sunning, just allow sun to shine directly to closed eyelids while you breathing deeply. Follow this process once daily for some minutes.

  • For palming, rub gently your both palms together to generate the heat and then gently cup up your palms over closed eyes without applying pressure on eyes. Just make sure that cover your eyes completely so that there is no trace of light. Follow this process for several times daily till the time which make you to visualize a pleasant scene.


As per (TCM) Traditional Chinese medicine, disease in our eyes are often related to kidneys and liver. There are number of acupuncture/acupressure points which are around orbits of our eyes, these are bones which are surrounded in our eyeballs.

  • Massage gently  each of acupressure points which are around our orbit of our eyes for 5-10 seconds. Start from going up and outward massaging each of the distinct point. You can easily follow this process several times a day.

  • Walk on grass in morning dew on barefoot for about 30 minutes which is considered as an acupuncture method which is helpful  to improve eyesight which activates our nerve fibre which is connected to our feet. There are some reflexology pressure points for eyes on our second and third toes. Also green color of grass is very soothing for our eyes.


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