Health Benefits of Papaya

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Health Benefits of Papaya


Refreshing in taste, papaya is exotic fruit, pear shaped and bright which you will easily find in market in the whole year. Enclosing the hundreds of the black round shaped seeds, this soft and edible orange flesh of papaya is a nutritious and numerous for health benefits. Below are some qualities of papaya which you all should know:

  1. Low in Cholesterol : Papaya is rich in fibre, antioxidants and vitamin C which prevents cholesterol in your arteries. Heavy amount of cholesterol can block arteries completely, which can cause a heart attack. Papaya helps to reduce triglycerides and lipid in diabetic rats.

  2. Help to reduce weight : A medium sized papaya contains 120 calories. So if you are looking to reduce weight, don’t forget to add up light fruit to your diet. Beside, this, it is packed in a considerable amount of the dietary fibre which aids the weight loss by promoting feeling of controlling craving and fullness.

  3. Boost in immunity : Our immune system acts like a shield against many more infections which make you feel sick. A papaya fulfil more than 200% of daily requirement of Vitamin C, this will make great to build up strong immune system.

  4. Good for diabetes : Despite of being sweet in nature, papaya contains very low amount of sugar content i.e 8.3gm in a cup of sliced papaya. This property in papaya make an excellent fruit for diabetes.Vitamins and phytonutrients in papaya make them to prevent from developing heart disease in diabetes. People who do not have diabetes like to eat papaya to prevent it from the happening.

  5. Good for eyes : Papaya is good in Vitamin A and flavonoids like lutein, cyptoxanthin, zeaxanthin and beta carotene this will keep the mucus membranes in eyes healthy and prevents from damaging. Vitamin A also helps to prevent from development of age related macular degeneration. The very best thing about papaya is that carotenoids in papaya are more bioavailable than present on other Vitamin A enriched food like carrots and tomatoes.

  6. Helps to protect against arthritis : Having papaya is good for bones and have anti inflammatory properties along Vitamin C which helps to keep various form of arthritis at the bay.Study by Annals of Rheumatic Disease show that those people who consume Vitamin C were 3 times more to have arthritis than the those who didnot.

  7. Improve in Digestion : Nowadays, it is impossible to avoid eating food which is bad for our digestive system. Generally we find ourselves that eating food in restaurants of eating junk food is prepared in the excessive amount of oil. Eating papaya can make for such occasional mistakes, as this has a good digestive enzyme which is known as papain along the fibre that help to improve our digestive system.

  8. Help to get ease in menstrual pain : Women who have menstrual pain should eat papaya to get relief in menstrual  days.

  9. Prevent sign of ageing : All of us like to stay young forever, but no one is meant to manage in this world to do it. But still, healthy habits like having a papaya on daily basis will prolong process and make to look 5 years younger that you are. Papaya is fully rich in Vitamin C and E, antioxidants in beta carotene helps to prevent from skin to get radical damage keeping the wrinkles and other signs of ageing aside.

  10. Help in promoting hair growth : Papayas are very effective mode to keep your skin healthy and to maintain healthy hair. Vitamin A in papaya utilise in producing sebum, it is a compound that is crucial to keep hair moisturised, shiny and smooth. The external part of papaya extract to scalp which can help to get rid of the dandruff. Nutrients in papaya help to get hair loss.Papaya help to get hair strengthen and to increase hair growth.


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