Lose Belly Fat using Quick and Fast ways

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Lose Belly Fat using Quick and Fast ways

Everybody wants to be fit and looks for toned and flat stomach. Most of the women rely on crunched to get in shape, but we want to make clear that Crunching is not an effective workout to get proper shape of body.  Lou Schuler, co author, The New Rules of Lifting for Abs said that Crunches work on only muscles on the sides and front of abdomen, but it is very important to target the muscles from the core to get defined or targeted abs which includes upper thighs, hips and lower back.


To reduce belly fat and to uncover amazing abs, Schuler recommend series of the core stabilization of exercised based on the training program which was devised by personal trainer and co-author Alwyn Cosgrove. Schuler said that core exercises like planks help to train muscles, which are needed to stabilize spine and pelvis, this will help to avoid back pain and to improve posture. Schuler also said that he also burn more and more calories than the crunches because the reason that he work on muscles.


The Ever Best Abs Exercises:


Side Plank: Below are two important points:

Why this works: This exercise is much more challenging as compared to the traditional planks because the reason is that people are supporting to the entire body weight on the two points of contact instead of the four. As result, people should more work on core harder to stay in a steady state.


How to work on it:

  1. Firstly lie on your left side with elbow directly in lower place of your shoulder and legs. Then place your right hand on left shoulder or on your right hips.

  2. Clamp your abs and lift up your hips off from the floor until the time when your are balancing in your feet and forearm so that your body creates a diagonal line. Hold this position for 0 to 45 seconds. If you are not able to hold this position for long time, just stay up as long as you can stay in this position. Repeat this position for the time of 30 seconds. Switch these sides and repeat this process.


More counterpoise moves: Stay in standard plank position and hold it anti rotational.


Pushup Walkout Position:

Why this works: This exercise involves  whole body movement, like using legs and arms with incorporating the resistance to strengthen the entire core.


How to work on it:  

  1. Start with pushup position with your hands in two inches wider that your shoulders.

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