Test equipment calibration

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Test equipment calibration

Test equipment calibration

It is important to make sure that your test equipment is calibrated properly and maintained well so that the equipment can be used to achieve accurate results for your tests and experiments.

The results from the test equipment devices are good only when the machine works well and hence you will get only inaccurate and false results when the machines are not maintained regularly.

A certificate of calibration is often provided with the purchase of the new test equipment which ensures that the device has been calibrated prior to the time when it leaves the manufacturer’s place. You must service the device regularly and calibrate it throughout its life or validity.

You get the proof that the machine you purchased was well maintained and will work well providing accurate results only when the re-calibration certificate is provided with it.

An overview of our Test Equipment Calibration Services

We offer you the best response related to all your needs and queries. We provide our laboratories great facilities to cater to the different needs and services for calibration. We have well trained staffs and optical standards in our labs that are hard to find elsewhere.

We also provide calibrations services that are upto the level of the original manufacturer of the equipment and also do customized services that match the requirements of our customers, which also save them a lot of money and time. The calibration of the test equipments can be optimized by combining the calibration standards with our procedures.

We provide calibration solutions to our customers and ensure to maintain balance between the cost and quality.

Test Equipment Calibration onsite

We provide our customers onsite calibration services if they are unable to bring their test equipments to our place. This would be beneficial for the customers as it eliminates the time for shipping, turnaround time of the equipment, damages caused to the device while transporting to our premises, etc.

Response during critical Time

We offer flexible test equipment calibration services to our customers when they need a response from us urgently like in situations like inspection, deadlines in production or during the audit. We also provide overnight calibration services and even onsite services on multiple days.

Delivery and Pickup of the test equipments

A staff member is scheduled for the companies nearby our facilities to enable easier pickup of the test equipments and also to deliver them back to the companies after the calibration and repair of the equipment has been done. The equipments are safely transported with proper packaging using boxes and cushioning and ensured of no damage.

The capacities of Test Equipment Calibration

We are the trusted name in the test equipment calibration services and can calibrate even the high end and expensive fiber optic instruments. We have a good experience and special standards to provide better calibration services to the optic instruments of the customers.

Various equipments such as the Communication, RF, mechanical and environmental and many more are also provided the best calibration services.

Contact us for more details regarding our test equipment calibration services and you can also search your equipment for its particular model on our website.

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