Where To Buy Silent Disco Headphones

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Where To Buy Silent Disco Headphones

Silent discos are taking the world by storm. They are fun, interactive and, most of all, offer a unique way to experience live music. If you’re wanting to put on your own silent disco, you will need the right pair of headphones. Here we will discuss how to select the right wireless headphones for your silent disco as well as the ideal locations from which to purchase.

Wireless Headphone Rentals

The headphones you choose will depend highly on the vision you have for your event. Will this be for a private party, corporate event, music festival or something entirely different? By fleshing out the specific details of the event, you will have a better idea as to the type of headphones you should purchase or rent.

There are two primary options when choosing headphones for your event. They include over-the-ear headphones and on-the-ear headphones.

● On-the-ear headphones. These type of headphones rest on the outside of the ear and stay in place due to the elasticity of the headband. They tend to be more comfortable, sleek and compact.

● Over-the-ear headphones. These types of headphones enclose the ear entirely and do a great job at keeping external sound out. They also offer more spacious and natural imaging.

In addition, you should think about how many audio channels you will need to successfully put on your event. You can find headphones with both 2 and 3 audio channels. 3 audio channels will offer you more options, but also have potential to create confusion with guests. Think about the needs of your event and choose the best headphones that fit your specific situation.

Silent Disco Equipment Providers

At Silent Events, we are a silent disco production company who doesn’t believe in just sending you a box of wireless headphones and leaving you to set up the event all by yourself. We help you through the entire process of putting on your silent disco. You will have a trained engineer onsite who can help you install the transmitters, ensure all equipment is set up properly and fix any audio transmission issues you may be experiencing.

Instead of just getting wireless headphone rentals and hoping it all works out, you will receive assistance from a full-scale event production company. Here are just a sampling of the many benefits you will receive by going with Silent Events:

● Get help from professional sound engineers.

● Benefit from lighting, staging and tenting specialist, who will help you nail your event.

● Have confidence you are getting the best equipment and assistance possible from America’s #1 Silent Disco equipment provider.

Ready to put on your event? Give Silent Events a call at 615-840-6474.

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Silent Events is a silent disco production company, launched in 2005 at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Silent Events specializes in the setup and rental of any and all equipment needed for a head-phone based event. For more information, please Call 855-474-5368 (855-4-SILENT) for more information.