Database is a collection of data that is stored in computer and that can be easily used and added. database management system is a application software of computer that connected with users and other applications or other databases . generally database management systems are designed to accept definections , updates of database.formally database management system gives a lot of functions that allows entry ,storage of large quantity of information .



Databases are warmed-over to support internal operations of organizations and to underpin online interactions with customers and suppliers

Databases are used to grip administrative information and more specialized data, such as engineering data. Examples of database applications contains computerized library systems, flight reservation systems etc.

database management system application areas banking: for information of customer, lones, banking transactions and accounts etc.

airlines :for schedule ,tickets , passengers information. or informations about phone lines and other data networks.

university:for students information , marks , courses registration etc.

credit card transactions : For purchases on credit cards and generation of monthly statements and other informations.

Telecommunication: database is used for telecommunication for keeping record of calls, generally monthly bills and information about network and maintain balances.

Human resources: For information about employees, salaries, payroll taxes and benefits.

Manufacturing: for management of works ,schedules, etc.

general and special purpose of DBMSs


A DBMS has developed into a complex software system and its development typically needs thousands of person-years of development effort. Some general-purpose are of DBMS like Adabas, Oracle and DB2. General-purpose database management system aim to meet the requirements of as a lot of applications as possible, which joined up to the complexity.

However, a general-purpose DBMS is not always the optimal solution: into some cases a general-purpose DBMS may established unimportant overhead. Therefore, there are many examples of systems that use special-purpose databases. 

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