Google Glass a New Technology

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Google Glass a New Technology

                       Google Galss                    



This google glass is a biigest achievement for the whole google team , it is a very good technological advancements. Google glass is very slimmer and smaller device than previous head mount. It is a portable device , one can wear it anywhere and start searching information like on a mobile device.This product broke the linits of all the modern technologies because of it's outstanding features.
         The main special thing about this device that it is very light in weight and can be carry easily.
The Google company also said that these incredible glasses can also be used to shoot videos.
         If we look at the features of google glasses that's all are pretty awesome. It's camera is also pretty good and it can shoot video up to 720p of resolution. That's good quality of these glasses.
    If we talk about the display of the glasses , so google uses a liquid crystal on silicon. The display of this is P-polarized. Google glass provided free applications created by the third party members.
     Company is working rightnow to improvising it's features to get good response from the audiences. No doubt it's features are very awesome but still google is trying to improve it's overall
functioning and performance.

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