Things that we learn from Reality shows

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Things that we learn from Reality shows

Reality TV shows reflect the True caliber of human as in these shows human have to show their talent and they are well known for this. The famous American reality show American idol judge Simon Cowell shook the head when he saw the outstanding performances of contestants.

Do people of all ages prefer to see the reality shows in USA??? The impact of these shows and their relevance in terms of recreation and amusement there are a lot of things which we learn from these shows.

Giving and accepting criticism: Sometimes it may happen that we are not happy what’s happening around there or with their policies and norms yet we have to accept that thing at that point of time. As it’s the act of speaking or telling about television program for the purpose of evaluating its worth. Since the television area is so vast that revenues from this particular industry is worth taking.

Media coverage for TV shows features different shows being broadcasted by different channels. Moreover some American channels like BBC They held special shows in which criticism faced by different TV actors is discussed. Another type of criticism exists which glamorize vulgarity and materialism.
Impressions count:
It’s being one of the most considerable factor that first impression which you are sending whenever and wherever it’s worth. As it’s a popular saying that your actions speak louder than your words; this applies to reality shows as well. The contestants have to make their impression on judges by maintaining the decorum and maintaining the punctuality and regularity of the show.

It might happened sometimes that your close ones don’t understands you completely instead they try to see us through the lens of their own eye and casts judgment about our behavior.
Apart from all these things we get to learn things from them. Actually the word reality is a misnomer because of the fact that whether reality shows are scripted or not. Most of the content creators are billed as story editors or segment producer, So that they can get through from paying high amount to writers.

Here’s the limelight on some of the most popular American TV reality shows:
American idol: The Judge of American idol was Simon Cowell $36 last year and it has been in the news that he will earn more than that this year.

Strange families: Who didn’t want oozy shuffle around his house every day. The casting team was paid $5,000 each or an episode. We can have an idea by seeing these figures.
Costly catfights: Due to this show last year house wives are making $30,000 an episode. The reported that Kristin Kavallari a 22 year old earns $90,000 from this show.

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