How Hollywood influences people ?

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How Hollywood influences people ?

People are used to get influenced by Hollywood than anything else .when we use to listen about it we generally have to think both of its positive as well as negative aspects as every coin has two sides. Let’s take a reference of a popular movie in Hollywood ‘Last action hero’. In this movie Arnie played a screen character that was accidentally transported into a real life situation; his character interacts with the young boy .

The movie depicts that what you see in the silver screen is acting not a real one. So this movie brings light on the realities of life. We should not try to mimic someone because it ultimately affects our life. We should keep in kind that the shots and their acting in movies is not real and we should not try to emulate them.

We can take the example of ‘Yes man’ .This movie focuses on the power of positive thinking and tells us that we should be positive no matter how hard time you are in.

In addition to that it depends mostly on our perception, how we perceive the things. We should try to find best out of everything because whenever someone makes the movie, they have definitely something in mind.

It might sometimes happen that casual violence is being shown in these movies. And there are minds out there that are able to accept that violence. But if you have patience and calm personality, chances are that you would likely to take this as a positive. See everything in life is about personal choice. People use to view extremely violent films as disgusting as worst.

Now the main point is that media exposure affects behavior not only via content but it changes time spent in alternative activities.

Again, you can argue against that viewpoint by saying that not everyone is aware of Spirituality and how it can help people to create happier, more positive and less angry lives, and I would reply: Then let's find a way to tell as many people that as we possibly can - any Hollywood producer ready to make a nice, fluffy film about how changing your thinking can not only change your life but also lead to world peace?

Yes guys, I know you've tried, but alongside you are violent, sad and depressing movies it would be really nice if you'd keep plugging away with the positive messages as well.

Hammering the last nail we can conclude that we should try to perceive the things as a rational thinking and don’t want to superimpose our thinking on someone else’s life.

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