Finding Jobs Easier for Electronics Engineers

Finding a job in industry is very difficult task in industry. Industry is not ready to employ freshers in companies because students do nothing practically during their college time as they live in a bookish life. Due to this reason students don’t have any kind of exposure with industry. Industry is only ready to grap those candidate who have done something practical during college time. Also another fact is that there is a huge gap between college and industry. Syllabus in colleges are same as same that was 20 years back, no change is there. So how come possible that students will get employment in Industry because Industry adapts latest technologies. And we all know that today’s technologies are so advanced that by using a simple technology one person can complete job instead of five people. So students should learn latest technologies instead of living life in bookish life.

Practical Training from the first year during college is a simple solution to get a job in Industry. Students should survey in Industry and should know about technology which being used in Industry and also should study about requirement. Study all technologies and start training according to Industrial requirement. Students enjoy their college time as a honeymoon period but this time is very crucial, future is based on this time. So according to me, after college hours students should start training from first year. Start learning one technology and till completion of college studies do all experiments on that technology because training on a single technology for 3-4 years is more than sufficient time, so students’ learning a single technology for long term will find easy to get job in industry.

According to me, concentration on a single technology is a solution to get job in Industry, so mixing up more and more technology will spoil training. Before start up of long term training students should survey Industry and should look after their interest. Because if you don’t learn anything with your interest you will not learn it for long term. So my opinion in this, that before start up students should start learning technology and should concentrate on a single technology for long term, which help in getting will job in Industry.

Sukhpreet - About the Author:

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