6 Weeks/Months Training in Chandigarh

Training is gaining of knowledge, skills and to get exposure to industry. Training plays a very important role in a student's life.According to me, when students go in search to place for training they should first of all do a survey on companies because a student can take good quality training only in a company where actually manufacturing or development is there. Whereas students go to training institutes where they don't gain anything else when their training period get completed they don't even know about basic because they are getting training from a trainer. Difference between a training and developer or manufacturer is that trainer goes according to books only and a developer or manufacturer goes practically. So accordingly, students should go for training in Companies instead of training institutes.

 Students should survey on companies and cities also on the internet before startup their training. Cities having great number of companies are good for training. When I surveyed I found Chandigarh is a best city to get training. Because Chandigarh city is having more companies as comparatively to the number of other cities in Punjab. Best way to get companies in Chandigarh is to search on Google. According to me, Chandigarh is the best city for training where students from other cities get best facilities and green and clean environment as comparatively to other cities. Students also get rooms on rent very easily to stay in Chandigarh. All Government Offices are available in Chandigarh where I have seen that people come to Chandigarh from far distances to Chandigarh to complete some of their own jobs. Chandigarh is one of the beautiful cities in all over India. Roads in Chandigarh are so good that residents from other cities feel good while driving. If I say about training in Chandigarh students will get companies for training as well as Training Institutes. If student want to gain something good during training period then student should go to company for training not to any kind of Training Institute.

 So conclusion is that students should prefer companies for their training because they will learn practically rather they waste their money and time during training period in a Training Institute. Training Institute is a place where training again teach students through books but, Industrial Training means students should interact with Industry and should learn practically from Industry.

Sukhpreet - About the Author:

Zilaxy Electronics is one of the leading Electronics Company in India, based in Mohali ,Chandigarh with the objective to manufacture and market Quality products for Electronics Manufacturing Industries, including, Solar Energy panels, Soldering related equipment and Solar based products. The company achieved good recognition in the industry through product innovation and quality of services,leading to reduction in losses due to Electrostatic Discharge. Home Automation is another specialty of Zilaxy. We are also developing young talent by providing the best Industrial Training in Chandigarh and Punjab.