ReUse of Electronic Dump Material

Everybody in this world is busy in searching a solution to the Electronics dump material. Short abbreviation of Electronic Dump is E-Waste; it is a solution to the problem is a multi ask job. EE is also known as a term which covers almost all types of electronics equipments. If we try to reuse this E-Waste material it can help economy of India to grow up to the mark. Today's economical condition of India is not too good because WASTAGE of resources is one of the reasons. Anything can be reused nothing is waste. Reason behind good Economic condition of other Countries is very simple that they don't waste their resources. They reuse their products to give them new shape to get them use in new form.

Suppose if a computer stops working we people thing that it is waste but, if we open parts  of computer then suppose we find that RAM is not working we get new RAM and adjust into computer system it get start working this is called testing of electronic equipments. So we should, test every equipment before dumping. We can also reuse products that if one component of electronic equipment is not working, then that same component should be arranged from another damaged board if this board is not working and particular needed component is working, then we can put that component in it and can reuse board. This can help in saving one equipment. We should understand importance of these electronic equipments because these equipments play a very important role in our daily life. We cannot imagine our life without these electronic equipments.

Re-use of equipments help in increasing manufacturing and manufacturers can manufacture more and more equipments. This helps in increasing company/manufacturer cost. Practically re-use of electronics help to generate a wide range of beneficial material. This material helps in providing employment and On Job Training to the unemployed people to get trained and gain Industrial Experience. Reuse also plays important role in using spare parts for long life and high value equipments where manufacturing of new parts can be expensive. Reuse is a long term part of business strategy.

Sukhpreet - About the Author:

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