Why Automation is Important in Industry


In Today's economy experience Automation plays increasingly important role. It is very difficult for a company to maintain the quality and efficiency of industrial products in different fields. Testing is not considered seriously because of involvement of time and cost. Due to this reason quality of product goes down and customer gets dissatisfied. Reason behind the dissatisfaction due to poor test strategy.

Solution to improve Quality of product is to make process Automatic. This will lead to increase Quality with less effort and quickly pay off. Automation leads good quality process with long maintenance life. This is the only reason companies prefer Automation which leads to increase product quality and quantity with less human efforts.

In my opinion Electronics Engineers can be absorbed in Automation Industry as much as to Automat Systems. Scope of Automation is really very huge. Automation of processes is only solution for companies working on big scale.

 Another scope in industry is “Robotics” for which also works like Automations. Working is just like same. Playing with machines is risky which can harm so many things this is the only reason in which freshers are not hired. So if students want to involve in Automation or Robotics they should develop minimum four to five projects during their studies.

In today's industry everything is automated like rolling mills, steel mills, sugar mills etc., and good thing is this that meat industry is also automated in which at one time hundred of chicken cut down. This involve fewer workers and cost efficient with good quality and also include one important part is Client Satisfaction. I would like to share my experience regarding Automation I have a big friend circle and one of my good friend gained experience in Automation for at least nine to ten years. Once he was handling his project he settled 1000 degree temperature, but actual temperature 100 degree. Suppose if it blased it can harm number of lives. So this shows that Automation is not easy to do handle requirement in industry is very huge.

So conclusion is Automation plays important role in industry to get better efficiency with fewer manpower. Scope for Automation Engineers is very good for freshers but they should develop projects in Automation during their studies which will help students to get jobs in industry.


Sukhpreet - About the Author:

Zilaxy Electronics is one of the leading company based in Mohali(Chandigarh) with the objective to manufacture and market Quality products for Electronics Manufacturing Industries, including, Soldering related equipment and Solar based products. The company achieved good recognition in the industry through product innovation and quality of services,leading to reduction in losses due to Electrostatic Discharge.