How to choose company for 6Weeks/6Months Training

Choosing a company for training is a very important decision for a student. It plays a very important role. According our education system it is compulsory for students to interact with industry during their studies like Diplomas/Degree. According technical syllabus students get two times chances to interact with industry for 45 Days and 6 Months time. Bus students enjoy this time and learn nothing. After training if they are asked for any question related to their training they donot know anything.

I think students need to understand difference between a Company and Training Institute. A company actually manufactures products where everything is practical nothing is theoretical and where students will learn from that person who is actually performing or manufacturing products but if I talk about training institute, it is a place where a trainer only teaches from books next day he/she teaches same and nothing is practical.

It is important for students to know that what industry demands and what's going on in industry. So according to today's scenario students should search on GOOGLE and try to search companies instead of training institutes. One another important thing, I would like to share that student should do at least four to five projects not less than that they will learn from these projects practically. Students should learn practically from Company instead of any kind of Training Institute. It is also recommended that always go for small companies because small companies will give chance to you to do something practically. If you will prefer big companies then these big companies will not let you to work on projects because being a fresher, company will not give any chance to work on projects because big companies always go for big projects and these companies will not take any kind of risk by giving project to you.

Always choose right technology like in Electronics or Computer Engineering there are many technologies like Automation, Robotics, PCB Designing, Embedded System, PHP, JAVA, and DOT NET. Students actually donot know what is right technology to choose before choosing do survey of yourself that what your interest is. Students basically do same kind of mistakes that they go after others Suppose if one student do Automation then others will also go after that so this is major drawback that students do not choose field of their interest. So I suggest searching different fields and scope of that field in Industry.After survey then going for particular training field.

One more important thing I would like to share that start train yourself from first year of your studies and be concentrate on same thing and do all R & D on that particular field till completion of your studies. I can guarantee that you will get good job in Industry and you are ready to do miracle in Industry.

Sukhpreet - About the Author:

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