Selecting best hosting service for your project

Getting right hosting for project is a challenge that we generally ignore by working on other people suggestions. As an owner of web site or portal or any other online project, we generally leave everything in the hands of designer or developer, which includes selecting company and hosting package of their choice, instead of finding right package ourselves.

Now most of you must be having one question in mind, why we should bother about it this little thing, which our developer can take care of? but I feel it is a one the major decision because after spending huge amount of money and time for developing web site project, if we choose wrong hosting package it will degrade whole project.

Here are some tips for you. First, thing we should take care of is calculating volume of traffic that our web site will be taking care of in near future. Similarly space requirements of project at the stage of starting of project and future should also be taken care of. If we fail to plan space and traffic in the beginning of the project, it will be a problem for us in future as shifting of hosting services will cost us our valuable clients.

Second important thing is selecting right platform for developing project. We should consider both windows and Linux platform for project keeping in mind programming language we are going to use to develop project and add on that will be required in the future. Cost will also add to decision making as Linux servers are found to be cheaper as compare to window servers. Finally, we also need to check our available skill sets to decide right type of hosting , as people find it difficult to work on command line for Linux servers.

Finally we need to focus on type of hosting we should work on , like shared web hosting provides cheapest option, but with shared resources quality goes down, then comes dedicated servers with dedicated resources like ram, bandwidth, processor, etc. but you need to shell out money for that, which pinches your pocket. Best solution for this is to go for virtual private servers, which are having dedicated resources just like dedicated servers and also at very reasonable price.

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