Passionate car racer of Venezuela

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Passionate car racer of Venezuela

He runs successfully his own business. He believes in hard work, dedication and determination and considers them as three pillars for success. He motivates others for doing hard work. His thinking is reflected in his work and is dedicated to give outstanding performance in each game.

Carlos Kauffmann has participated in many car racing games and has won many awards for his excellent performance. He believes that mental and physical fitness are must for success. He performs all the workouts and exercises regularly to give excellent performance. He is honored with the title of best car racer in the year 2010. Since childhood, he was fond of sports and car racing and strives to get this position. He motivates others for hard work and to put the best efforts to achieve the goals in life.

Carlos Kauffmann believes that car racing is a dangerous sport that requires rigorous practice and concentration. The racer should focus on the race or else he won’t get other chance to repair the mistakes. He thinks that the sharp turns of the game will decide the fate of the racer every moment. The racer should therefore concentrate on the game with full focus. He believes that the racer’s focus and concentration should be on peak while racing. The racer must do lot of practice before participating in such risky games.

Carlos Kauffmann delivered excellent performance for the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama in the year 2011. He was the fastest among all other racers and efficiently completed the 2nd lap. He got the platinum cup in the GT3 screening test by the scoring the highest rating of 2:07.899 in his #24 Porsche. He reached the 3rd position in the US championship. He is a multi talented personality with many talents. He is not only a car racer but also a well known helicopter pilot who put his best foot to enter the racing field. By intense practice, he established himself as a successful racer.

Carlos Kauffmann is surprisingly a helicopter pilot and also a successful businessman. He believes in determination, dedication and hard work and motivates people for the same. He completed his higher studies from Bolivary Garibaldi and earned the title of helicopter pilot in 2000. He is a calm individual with great capabilities of gaining control over emotions, pride and anger. He has put tremendous efforts to reach to this level and gain victory in life. He was dedicated for sports from the very beginning and car racing has always been his passion. He has put long hours in practicing for car racing and achieving a respectable position of a sportsman. He also participated in racing at international level and delivered outstanding performance in every race. He is expert in making last minute decisions while racing on the track.

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Carlos Kauffmann is a renowned personality in the car racing industry. He is also known for his outstanding performance for car racing and has achieved with many awards for excellence. He is truly dedicated and passionate for car racing sports since childhood. He continuously re-evaluates his skills and also performs workouts for mental and physical health.